Rally discoveries

Rally discoveries 2CV for companies, agencies, individuals

Custom made rallies

Rally discoveries 2CV dedicated to companies & agencies

We propose custom made rallies to companies who wish to share an unforgettable day for employees and customers. Our 2cv rallies are carefully prepared and especially suited for grous in a teambuilding spirit, combining leasure and tourism. Weld a team and the reward of its results through the preparation of incentive seminars, or incentives in which may include unforgettable relaxing days and times of shared celebration.

With our experience, we know perfectly the needs of companies.

2cv rallye Charleston

2CV Rally dedicated to seminars/incentives

An experience ‘rally with Citroen 2CV’s’ is the natural way to strongen the teambuilding spirit. Naturally the group will divide itself in different teams and each team will do their very best to achieve the best result during the day by doing different challenges, specially made to optimize the team spirit. The roadbook and other material is custom made with the logo of the company.

(information and questions on the company can be included if desired)

Our ‘2CV discovery’ rallies dedicated to individuals in an event framework

You wish to share with your family or friends an unforgettable day?

We organize rallies on 1/2 days or full days.

2cv grise rallye

Our ‘2CV tours’ discoveries throughout France

Your guests will vistit a specific region of France whose hidden treasures will surprise them. We will find for you the best possible circuit to combine action, culture, challenges, gastronomy and teambuilding!

We propose video solutions that can be used by the company as a simple souvenir or as a real marketing tool. Prices include the unlimited use of the images without author rights.

Prolong the memory of this rally day with a photo or video report

The 2CV rallye team offers to take charge of producing a photo report or a video which it will then make available to you via private online access.

The photographs of the gallery are downloadable free of charge by the participants.

Get in touch with our 2CV rallye team to talk about your project, the earlier the planning starts and the easier it is to personalize the programme.